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The Staff of Rhah - Glossary of Characters, Places and Terms



(a′-thee-ell)  King Boris’ warhorse. The name means “Noble One.”

(ah-lay′-she-a)  Tipp's girlfriend. Daughter of Martell and Leah.

Ancient Ones

The original Wizards of the Word. Antar, Kala, and Jogtee caused the cataclysm. Their names were placed on the three Pillars of Doom in the Great Hall of Despair.


(an-tar′)  One of the three original wizards. An Ancient One whose name is on one of the three stone pillars in the Great Hall of Despair.


(an-tee′-gus)  The general who commands the garrison at Perth.


(a-bore-low′-me)  The summer camp of the Setti.


(ar′-gaw-thon′)  Nation of troll-like creatures who eat human flesh.

Barrier, The

A force field that protects the outer extremities of the Land from attack by the Dark Lord.


(Bur-trum′)  Close friend and advisor to King Boris.


(broags)  Trousers worn by the cavalry. The boots are sewn into the pants to make one garment.


(call-drill′)  General in command of Parthinian Cavalry.


(kay′-man)  A cavalry soldier for 25 years who led a scouting party through the tunnel underneath Perth.

Camp followers

Non-combatants who followed the army. (Servants, carriers and cooks)


The destruction of the Land. An event that took place when the Dark Lord used his magical powers to destroy Perth and to repel the attack the Ancient Ones directed their magic at the Dark Lord.


(dak-knee′)  A senior Ward of the Wizards.

Dark Lord, The

Also called Yargo. The master of dark magic who lived in Yarg and ruled over the Waifus, Kraken and Argathon nations. He was originally one of the Ancient Ones before being banished from the Land.


(en′-tee-gee) An instrument of torture that had a sharp iron sleeve that encircled the neck of a prisoner. It did not allow the prisoner to sit, lie, or stand flat-footed yet forced him to always bear the weight of the iron.

Erebus; Caverns of

(ee′-ree′-bus)  The underground cavern that led through the Kryamee Mountains to the  Dark Lord’s fortress of Yarg.


(fawn′-lee)  Tipp's roommate and friend who was also a ward of the wizards.

Gardd Bywyd

The ancient name for the Land.  See ‘Land’.
Generals, The Three

Caldrill, Anteges, and Tago.


(gee′-bell′-lean)  The chief of the Goblins.


Creatures who served the Dark Lord.  They had large pig-like noses, full facial hair, a large square jaw, two tusk-like teeth, long massive arms that almost touched the ground, and only one eye in the middle of their forehead.


(gore′-eye′-ah)  The Dark Lord's champion who was sent to destroy Perth.

Gort and Motark      

(gahg) (may′-gahg)  Two Rachader brothers whose mission is to kill King Boris.


(grack-cuss′)  An ironworker (smithy) in Perth.


(hay-feds′)  Fire worshippers who used chants to focus their magic.

Hertha Mountains   

(her-tha′)  Also known as “Mother Earth.”  The place where all life began in the Land.

Herthax River      

(her-thax′)  The river that flowed from the Hertha Mountains into the caverns of Yarg.

Herthema River     

(her-thee′-mah)  The river that flowed from the Hertha Mountains to nourish the fertile lands around Perth.

Herthetti River    

(her-that′-tee)  The river that flowed from the Hertha Mountains into the land of the Setti.


King Boris’ chief architect.


(Joan′-is) Tipp’s father.


(jog′-tee)  One of the three original wizards. An Ancient One whose name is on one of the three stone pillars in the Great Hall of Despair.


The new leader of the Rachaders after Gort and Motark are killed.


(kay′-toll)  A cavalry soldier. Caman's second-in-command.


(kay′-lah)  One of the three original wizards. An Ancient One whose name is on one of the three stone pillars in the Great Hall of Despair. Also known as the Great Oracle.

Keepers of the Land

Healers who are also known as the Sightless Ones. In the ancient tongue, they are called the Iachawyr (each′-a-weer). These four-foot tall healers survived when the Dark Lord tried to kill them in the Caverns of Erebus.


(Kin-deer′) Tipp’s mother

King Boris      

The son of King Victor and reigning king of the Land.

King Victor 

Deceased father of King Boris and the son of King Martac; the first king to battle the Dark Lord.


(crack′-un)  A race of warriors enslaved by the Dark Lord. The enemy of the Setti.


(cronk)  War chief of the Argathon.

Kryamee Mountains

(cry′-ah-mee′)  The mountain home of the Dark Lord. It was once a volcano.

Land, The

The rich fertile land surrounding Perth. It has ‘elemental magic’ that sustains life and provides food and shelter for all of its creatures. In the ancient tongue, the Land is called Gardd Bywyd.


(lay′-ah)  Allatia's mother.


(mar-tell′)  Allatia's father.


A tonic that promotes a massive abdominal pains and a sense of starving. Often used as a torture for prisoners.


(mawn′-ism)  The doctrine of oneness of mind and matter. The mind could not exist without matter, nor matter without mind. Everything that exists is energy and can be manipulated and changed.


A fire of healing that can destroy the poisons and spells of the Talismen.


(nym-rot′)  The leader of the Kraken. A powerful warrior.

Oracle, The Great  

Kala, the wizard, who has the ability to see into the future. (See also Kala)  


A young orphan boy who Tipp befriended. Pander wanted to be a great wizard when he grew up.


(pan-door′-el′)  Fonly’s female mentor at the academy.


(par′-thin′-ee-ans)  The people of the Land who lived under the rule of King Boris.

Path of Darkness

A ridgeline fifty feet wide that led up the mountain to the entrance of Yargo’s fortress.

Pillars of Doom

The three stone pillars in the Great Hall that formed the nucleus for the power of the Barrier. Each pillar was named after one of the Ancient Ones.

Plains of Rhah

(raw)  The high plains just south of the Hertha Mountains.

Promise, The       

The Ancient One's oath to never use their power against man nor nature.


(pie′-ray′-tee)  Fairy-like creatures who acted as the eyes for the Sightless Ones. They led the Sightless Ones out of the caverns when the Dark Lord tried to destroy them.


(ratch′–ah-ders′)  A giant race of Goblins ruled by the Dark Lord.


(raysh)  A large dog trained to hunt Waifus, Kraken, and Argathon.

Rhah, Plains of

(raw)  A large expanse of land where King Victor defeated the Dark Lord in the First Great War.

Rhah; Staff of

A staff created by the Sightless Ones that is infused with the magic of the Land. The staff came from the last living tree in the Valley of Rhah (later called the Valley of Tears). Only the most powerful wizards could use the magic of the staff to summon the Zhactahl dragon.


(say′-chee′-ma)  Chief of the Setti.


Whips armed with sharp metal barbs.


The ruling judicial body of the Parthinians. Located in Perth.  


(set′-tee)  A nomadic tribe of hunter/warriors who traveled the prairie lands West of the Hertha Mountains following the grazing herds.

Sightless Ones

(See Keepers of the Land) 


(show′-far)  A ram’s horn used to sound an alarm.

Tago, General      

(taw′-go)  General of the Parthinian Army.


Servants of the Dark Lord who used magic.


(tent-e-an′) Chief Sacheema’s son.


(tip-paw′-low)  The farm boy who became an apprentice to the Wizards of the Word.


Another name for Tippallo. His preferred name.

Upas tree          

(you′-pass)  A tree with poisonous sap. If it touched the skin of anything, a painful death followed.

Valley of Tears    

A dry sterile desert without any life that was created by the Dark Lord’s magic. Before its destruction, it was called the Valley of Rhah and was a lush, fertile plains.


(ver′-vain)  A mystical herbal brew, also known as pigeon grass, that arrested the spreading of poison in the system.


(way-fuss)  Half-man, half-wolf creatures created by the Dark Lord. They had a wolf’s head, ran on all four legs, and could use their hands to carry and wield weapons.


(wo-Hart′-tex)  A massive, powerful beast with two large eyes set wide apart and deep within a grotesque face. Two long sharp horns grow outward and upward where the ears would normally be located.


(zant)  A stone carver in Perth.

Xyneith Mountains

(zee-nyth′)  The foundation and backdrop for the city of Perth. It is where the Ancient Ones built the Great Hall.


The Dark Lord's fortress in the Kryamee Mountains.


(yar-go′)  Another name for the Dark Lord.   


(zack-tall′)  A white dragon that can be summoned by the carrier of the Staff of Rhah.


(zon′-door)  Oracle and Chief Wizard of the Word.


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