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                                                A Fantasy Novel

Status:  The rewrite of 'Banished' is completed. Book I of The Parthinian Chronicles will be.digitally published in the fall of 2014.


Short Stories

A brief synopsis of each story can be found below. 
Most of the stories can be accessed by clicking on the story titles below.

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A.  Brown Water - Red Blood - Personal experiences from my tour of duty as a River Rat in the Mekong Delta, Republic of Vietnam.

  • Will I Finally Find Some Peace: 37 years after his tour of duty in Vietnam the author continues to struggle with his memories of the war. 
  • Brothers in Blood: A story about a firefight the author was involved in during his tour of duty in Vietnam. 
  • No Two Minute Warning: A story about a ‘wake-up call' during the author's tour of duty. 

eBook Available If you would like to read "Brown Water - Red Blood" in an ePub, MOBI (Kindle), AZW3 (Fire and newer Kindles) or PDF format, click on the appropriate link below.


Justin Seaborne Stories

The Omega Factor: A Justin Seaborne Story - A man with a drinking problem tries to accept his past while struggling through a nuclear crisis. [DramaRev. 02/2014

Special K is not a Cereal: A Justin Seaborne Story - A man wakes up in an alley and is immediately arrested for the murder of his two best friends. [Murder mysteryRev. 06/2014


The Age of Innocence: Two raccoons learn that growing up is much more difficult than they expected. [Fiction]  Published 2002

Almost Perfect: A couple looking for their perfect 'getaway' discover more than they bargained for. [DramaRev. 06/2014

In Association: A rules enforcer for the local homeowners' association is found dead. The investigators uncover several suspects before the FBI shows up and takes over the investigation. [Murder mystery]

The Luck Of The Dice: The 'Collector' has a unique way of satisfying his needs. [Murder mystery]

The Nine Stages: Learning to cope with life after finding out you have an incurable disease. [A fictional story based a upon a personal experience]


A Cat's Tale: What happens when a stray cat decides to adopt a couple but learns that some changes in the household are required. [A mostly true story, but told from his royal heiness' perspective]

How Can I Help You:: What happens when a person with uncontrollable rage seeking help finds himself caught up in an automated telephone help line. [A fictional story based upon a personal experience]

Unresolved Issues: A couple attempts to cope with their new lifestyle after retirement.  [A fictional story based upon a personal experienceRev. 08/2011

Broken Promises: What happens when the person you trust the most breaks a promise and the consequences change your life for the worst?  [Another mostly true story, but told from our cat's perspective]

Living and Dying at the Sam's Club: What happens when a husband goes shopping at the Sam's Club for the first time. [A humorous fictional story based upon a personal experienceRev. 06/2011  Published September, 2011

For Better Or For Worse: A relationship is born out of adversity and quickly grows into one of friendship and love. [A mostly true story]

D.  PERSONAL STORIES - Capturing moments in time

A Voice In The Night: Three boy scouts are winter camping and a mother decides to intervene.

Caught: On a cross-country flight, I find myself involved in what I consider to be an embarrassing situation.  Rev. 07/2011

Did Anyone See That?: This is what happens when you attempt something that you should never have tried, but your ego does not know when to say 'uncle.'

There it goes, rearing its ugly head again: A story of living with self-doubt and how it ruled my life. Rev. 08/2013

For What Is A Man? - Part I: A tribute to my father.  The man I thought I knew, but really only got to know later in life.  

For What Is A Man? - Part II: The seventh son tells his story of having to live with Kennedy's Disease.

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